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To preserve the History, Heritage, and Legacy of the United Empire Loyalists

Significance of the Loyalist Certificate 

Any member who believes they have a Loyalist ancestor, has the option of proving that ancestry.  They need to verify that their ancestor was a Loyalist and collect the genealogical proofs between themselves and that Loyalist. The Branch Genealogist provides direction and guidance along the way. Once all the information is collected, the member then submits a certificate application form, with the proofs and sends it to our Dominion Genealogist for review. If all is in order, members receive a Certificate attesting to their Loyalist ancestry.
Lord Dorchester
Sir Guy Carleton, Lord Dorchester
Being a proven Loyalist descendant confers no special status in Canadian or other societies, but many members use the post-nominal letters "UE" after their name, in consequence of Lord Dorchester's Order in Council in 1789, conferring recognition of the service of the Loyalists in defence of "The Unity of Empire."

Lord Dorchester's Order in Council